June 23, 2015

 Everyday there is a new fragrance on the market which is exactly the reason as to why I love mixing up my fragrance selection and trying new out ones! Well... that and because I love the perfume bottles!

The first two together are VIP 212 Club Edition which I had a sample of and couldn't wait to get my hands on and the other is Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, both are which upgrades of my collection in a sense. I've always had some kind of Marc Jacobs but hadn't tried this. I love the packaging of course and is slightly a more sophisticated smell of Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'. A while ago I got a tester of VIP 212 Club Edition and fell in love with it's urban fragrance. It's actually a limited edition fragrance and was inspired by New York City night life. I would say these two are my evening go to fragrances!

The next three you see are Nina Ricci Les Delices, Valentino Valentina, and the brand new Little Mix Gold Magic. These ones for me are day fragrances and have very simple packaging which I love! I feel these three are the perfect fragrances for gift as they are a good balance of fruit and musk scents so you really can't go wrong!

The last two are men fragrances and are my favourite on the market. The Giorgio Armani Code is a classic and the Paco Rabanne cologne is simply a lighter version of the original cologne. Again, both perfect for gifts as they are really an all rounder!

Gemma x

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