June 22, 2015

 If you are like me and have finished your degree then firstly, congratulations! But I know what every girl's mind is thinking right now - graduation outfit! I was thinking about this the other day and thought, I could go and buy a lovely outfit but then it's going to be slightly hidden from the cape so I decided to go fancy with accessories. Accessories are the perfect way to make a statement and add that extra touch to an outfit and I have gathered some bits and piece from Next that I think would be perfect for the occasion!

I selected a few watches as they are a great addition to your wrist while looking sophisticated also. The role gold face is simple yet on trend but if you want to be a little more fancy then opt for a gold one! The clutches I've picked are quite minimal and monochrome but the way they will stand out is through their texture. They are a great size and will block nicely against the graduation robe. With jewellery, I have gone down the similar route with texture but focused more on earrings. Graduation is the perfect occasion to look a bit more sophisticated and different and you can do this by putting your hair up. If you go hair up or hair down, earrings are a must when it comes to jewellery! I particularly love the silver coin earrings! Last but not least the beloved red shoes. I mean come on now, look at them! They are small heels so hopefully no accidents will occur on stage but they are such a beautiful bold colour and straps around the heel - perfect statement accessory!

Hopefully I've given you an idea on how to accessories your graduation outfit!
Gem x

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  1. I love what you've picked out!

  2. Love your selection of items, they're beautiful!