July 02, 2015

I used to be that girl who wore the same pair of shoes until they were physically impossible to be worn any more. This year I have tried to switch that up a little bit from boots to trainers however the pair of shoes that I have been  most surprised by are these loafers. As a teacher I will be on my feet the majority of the day so I want to wear something comfortable but smart and loafer are for this - plus they go with absolutely everything! They come in other colours but I decided to keep it black so that I'm not too out of my comfort zone...Also, for the price the quality is incredible! They have made that awful crease mark some shoes do and they are going strong. I would however recommend to size up otherwise they can be prone to blisters...

If you're like me and want a pair of shoes that are comfortable but a bit more special that you average pair of pumps then loafers are the way forward! The fringe tassel and block heel are perfect accents to the shoe and are a bargain at only £25.00!

Gem x

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