March 06, 2016

When Elizabeth Arden tagged this a miracle oil they really weren't kidding! This oil acts as a face and body hydrator, cuticle curer, and hair de-frizzer, all from the same bottle! I dabble in and out of Elizabeth Arden's products over the years until there is something I really love just like this one. I love products that can be used in more than one way as it really helps you get what you pay for. It comes elegantly packaged just as the rest of the collection and I like that it's in a spray as oil can get messy and annoying...

I think my favourite way of using this is as a night cream on my face to really hydrate it or as a hair mask in the shower, so easy to use and fantastic, smooth results! Elizabeth Arden have come up with 8 ways to use this amazing products and I am sure there are plenty more so you have to give it a try yourself to be as blown away as I am!

1) All-over moisture
2) Reduces dry, rough skin
3) Adds shine to dry, dull hair
4) Post-shave moisture
5) Massage away stress
6) Scent promotes a sense of well-being
7) Cuticle softener
8) Instant shine

Gemma x

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