August 17, 2016

 Dove have recently introduce a New nourishing care & oil range that goes above and beyond basic moisturising. Oils have been recognised to not only moisturise but combat dryness and this range infused Moroccan Argan Oil into their products for you to use in the shower! I didn't think too much into products that I use in the shower but more recently I have been. When you shower, it's your time to de-stress and clear the mind so you want to use products that reflect this and have a beauty ritual that you look forward to. 

Dove challenged me to re-create the beauty rituals of Morocco to inspire my everyday in-shower experience. They sent me out a mini Hammam kit including their new range and I was very excited! In all fairness, I had a bath instead but it still worked! The new range actually felt amazing on my skin while and after using it, I really loved the scent of it too. I was a bit apprehensive to try the oil as I thought it would leave my skin feeling sticky but it actually lathered up and was so nourishing. By doing this, I realised how important it is to have a bit of me time and use some nice products to help you relax, I may not have the time in the morning but at least I can do something like this once a week.

Have you got a in-shower beauty ritual?

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