August 26, 2016

Half of me is grateful for this beautiful weather and half of me is slowly dying in this heat, especially as it's hard to cool down in this humid weather. I can put my hands up and say that I am guilty of raiding the ice cream compartment in my freezer when the weather gets like this. I usually go for the standard fruit flavoured popsicles and forgot how much I was missing out until I tried some of Magnum's new flavours! I'm so glad they have brought back their doubles range as they are just so delicious and includes a new flavour - Double Peanut Butter!

I will admit that I definately did an advert re-take when taking my first bite as it was just that good! The flavours were so rich and perfect on cooling me down on this scorching days. As a blogger, I am obliged to comment on the packaging and I love this funky animal print and that it is also inside the wrapper! Very luxurious...

Are you tempted to indulge into Magnum's new double 'Peanut Butter'?

Gemma x

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  1. I had a pack of the peanut butter ones in my freezer.. didnt last long!
    Summer xx