October 24, 2016

Since last year I have been really keen to try out different makeup looks for Halloween. Now I will admit that I am no professional but I don't think I'm too shabby when it comes to simple looks such as this. Luckily for me, Superdrug stock all of the products I used so it is very accessible price and location wise. 

The 'Black Swan' look is actually one product by Freedom and includes the majority of the products you see above. It comes in a pack including a ghost whitener, black lipgloss, black eyeliner and an eyeshadow palette. In terms of products, I wasn't impressed with the lipgloss as it felt cheap and sticky on my lips however the eyeliner is something I fell in love with. It is so creamy and pigmented so it was easy to create even lines around the eyes. The quad palette was perfect for this look too and was very easy to blend. I added a pair of lashes to add to the dramatic eye look and I will admit this was actually pretty fun to recreate.

If you're looking for a halloween makeup look this year that is eye-capturing but not too difficult to recreate (or needing 187454 products) I would grab this kit at your local Superdrug! If it's not your thing then it also comes in a Vampire look!

Gemma x

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