April 04, 2017

As I have got older, I have really started to love interior design and bedroom decor which sparked my decision for a bedroom makeover. I'm not talking a few new wardrobes and pretty plants, I mean the whole shebang! New flooring, painted walls, every single piece of furniture thrown out! It was in major need of redecoration but I have gone with a Scandinavian vibe to my room, a little like LustLiving's blog! She has actually inspired me a lot in my decoration and I have found some amazing pieces which are primarily from Primark! I'm loving simple yet statement pieces for my room such as the funky candle holder in the photograph above! I put everything together myself so if I can do it then you definitely can!

I'm putting together a few pieces on my redecoration such as decor, DIY hacks etc but if there is anything anyone would particularly like to see do let me know! As for the pieces above, I will shortly be putting a piece together on them and where there from/how much so keep an eye out for my interior posts! I'm also going to start putting together an interior Wishlist as I'm always on the hunt for new pieces that would make a great addition to my room!

You may have even noticed my blog makeup, again I hadn't changed my blog up in a while and I felt I needed something a little more modern. Admittedly, I screwed it up a good few times but I'm happy with where it is at the moment!

Gemma x

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