April 05, 2017

Seeing as I'm committing to blogging now that I have two weeks off from work (yay for half term), I thought an update was in order. Life is full of many wonderful things but also brings its stresses and unfortunately, the stresses are weighing down in the moment of time. I've turned back to blogging and doing the things I love all in one, photography, writing and designing! I've recently had a change in career where I am now solely teaching music, a huge passion of mine and I completely love it. I love the place I work and what I'm doing, it's going places and I'm pretty happy with work at the moment. I've decided to go back on the gym flex and to just make better life choices. I can now drive and am loving the freedom. I guess when you think about it, a lot has changed since I put my heart and soul into this blog. I feel my taste has matured, not so much in guys though (lol). I just wanted to catch up with you all and give you an insight to my life now and a taste of what's to come, expect a big change!

Gemma x

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