April 10, 2017

After spending hours decorating my room getting together those perfect pieces, I think my favourite part was the plants. Plants and flowers add such a huge impact to your room as it adds a bit of colour and life. I often get flowers to decorate my bedroom as I have my trustworthy cactus and other artificial plants and it's so important to pick the right ones. I've had the most beautiful bunch of roses with their petals falling off the next day to lovely tall sunflowers that looked out of place. I often get flowers sent from Blossoming Gifts as I can always guarantee their quality of delivery and product, each bunch comes fresh and lasts me for a good week or so! 

As it is Spring, I decided to get these Hyacinths as I loved the colour palette of them and their fresh vibe. I also was slightly persuaded by their 50% extra offer so when they came I actually had enough for two vases in my room - result! I find that choosing the colours are so important, I have an almost all-white room so I want to add a little colour but nothing too empowering. Also, as it was to go on my desk I didn't want a bunch of flowers that were too long so once I chopped these down they were the perfect height in my lovely little vase. I also find with these flowers that they will look full when you come, there is nothing I hate more than ordering a bunch of flowers and when you put them in the vase they look like some of them are missing! These have thick stems so they bulk up nicely in the vase and give you a nice full bunch. 

Do you ever treat yourself to flowers?
Gemma x

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