June 02, 2017

 I don't think I wear anything but nude shades on my nails as they are just such classic and timeless colours which is why I think I was so excited for Essie's new Wild Nude's Collection that they sent out to me the other day. The new shades are more of a modern twist on nudes and I don't think I could choose a favourite! They can be worn for anything and everything with anything and everything and that's what I love. I particularly love this collection as it has such a diverse range of nudes and I think would be a perfect gift for anyone with the same desire for nudes as me! 

Recently, I have tried 'clothing optional' and I'm very happy to say they are still going on strong with a nice top coat, I do really like the quality of Essie's nail varnishes and I'm glad to say they haven't slipped with this collection. I can honestly see myself wearing a new shade each week this Summer and I cannot wait!

Gemma x

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