April 09, 2017

It is safe to start talking about the sun, right? Because I have already started looking to protecting my skin ever since I had a few skin analysis' last year and wanted to make sure I kept up protecting it! I'm also always on the lookout for new products and feel Garnier have really ticked off variety for their Ambre Solaire range. I was lucky enough to get sent out a selection which I know will come in handy for holiday's this year but I was impressed by their range. From dry mists to their sensitive range they seem to have sincere for every skin type as well as aftersun care too! Now obviously the sun have only just come out and I haven't been able to put it to the test completely however I have tried a few of them on my skin and I'n surprised how far sincere has come. I remember when I used to feel like an ice cream melted in the sun because of how sticky it was on my skin but this soaks completely into the skin and is nice and light weight, especially the dry mist!

Check our the Ambre Solaire range this year, there is sure to be something for your skin type or what you're looking for!
Gemma x

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