April 07, 2017

I don't have to tell you that teeth whitening is the new phase and there are so many different products on the market however I can't be sceptical to sometimes fork out hundreds on a product that I don't even know will work let alone is any good for my teeth. Seeing as this was my first time at trying a teeth whitening kit I decided to go with a trusted brand and Superdrug kindly sent me out one of theirs. At £8.99 it is a very affordable kit and easy to follow, although because of the price, I wasn't expecting a Hollywood Glow or anything drastic. 

It was a very each three step kit where you would first brush you teeth with the tooth whitening toothpaste, then fill the applicator with tooth whitening gel. After you have put the gel in, you would take the tooth whitening accelerator and apply over your teeth - this did feel weird as it was like a damp small sponge put over your teeth. Once your teeth were covered you then put the applicator with the gel on in your mouth and keep it there for a maximum of 10 minutes. You would then do this day and night for 14 days. After giving this a go (I may have missed one or two) I can say that I do see a slight different and you can even see it in the photographs below. I didn't realise how yellow stained my teeth were to begin with but after just a few application it began to get whiter. I feel if I want a difference now that I would need something a bit more advance but for the price tag I am very happy with the results!

Gemma x

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