July 15, 2017

I know I completely redecorated my room a few months ago and I do love how it looks but I still constantly want to revamp it with new decor pieces. The only problem with buying decor all the time is that when I want to change it I have to store things and then it just bulks up. Even though I love them anyway, flowers are the easiest way to add some colour to a room and freshen it up, after a few weeks you can bin them and then opt for a different bunch which I love! I always get my flowers from Blossoming Gifts as I love their range and they always are delivered well. It's so important to choose well, sunflowers are great as they stay and look fresh for a long time where as roses can often start to look crispy. I do like this bunch  because of the fresh colours but also the different flowers, I love sunflowers and the daisies go really well with them! Naturally, you can't guarantee how long the flowers will last with some of them starting to die before others but overall I think this bunch has lasted a week while all looking fresh. 

Gemma x

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