July 23, 2017

If you didn't know, I am a music teacher and the academic year is over therefore I am currently enjoying a lovely six week holiday and finally getting back on the blogging game. These past few months a lot has changed for me (good and bad) and I feel like I am now finally in a much healthier mindset and ready for a fresh change. You may have noticed the fresh change to my blog, my bedroom is completely revamped in which I will be showing off and I have a few exciting trips planned with one being Amsterdam in a short few weeks! 

I've just gone shopping today and brought a few bargains for the room including the cutest suede diary from The Card Factory for 99p! I'm loving nude/pink a lot more and I fell in love with this straight away, I've actually found a lot of bargains recently and will be sharing in a video very shortly! I'm ready for a change in wardrobe too but can't find anything that I really fancy - help?! 

Gemma x

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