July 24, 2017

I'm hoping I haven't jumped the gun here as it isn't quite the end of 2017 yet but up till now I can confidently say that this foundation has been my all time favourite. It is a fairly recent addition to Urban Decay's Collection and comes in a variety of shades (24 to be exact)! I think in the simplest form, the reason why it is my favourite foundation is that for an affordable high end product (£29) is provides a flawless, medium-full coverage, matt base and truly does stay all night. If I'm going to be super honest while also slightly disgusting, I have worn this on a night out, drunkly left my makeup on and gone to the cafe in the morning with my face still flawless - so it really is an all nighter! 

Application wise, you can easily use this sparingly however when applying, I would concentrate on an area at a time instead of dotting around the full face as I find it can sometimes dry out and be difficult to blend. Personally I used a real techniques brush to blend this in but have previously used a beauty blend which I tend to fall in and out of love with. For me, I find the 3.5 shade the most fitting however I have found the 3.25 to be a good under eye concealer and the 4.0 to be great with a tan. The shades are fairly similar however it is better if you get matched in store as I find it hard to tell online! 

I plan to do a make up tutorial soon including this beaut and a few other Urban Decay favs! I just feel that if you are going to spend £30 roughly on a foundation, you want a good coverage and I don't think I want to look else where for a foundation other than this! 

Gemma x

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