Monday, April 30, 2012

Sure Maximum Protection Event

Last week I was invited to the Sure Maximum Protection Event which I was extremely excited about. The event consisted of delicious cocktails (which I had one too many of) and fun games jotted around the room allowing you to win some prizes! I met some amazing people that night as well which was a bonus. I was sent out one of their products before the even to try out and completely fell in love. Personally I'm more of a spray deodrant girl so finding out that this product was a sort of roll on deodrant I was slightly put off. I decided to give it a go and decided that it wasn't like any other roll on deodrant I've tried before, it was a sort of cream that dried instantly and felt extremely moisturising. 

The deodrant claims protection for a huge 48 hours which is a long time! At the event there was a scientist showing us  how the product stops wet coming through with his magic trick. He would apply a cream to this cloth which is strapped over a glass full of water, as he tilted the glass upside down no water came out! 

This is now my favourite deodrant hands down, I think what sold me was the fact that it is so moisturising! It comes in 3 different versions - confidence, sensitive and strong. They also have a slight scent to them which I personally love as it's not too strong. The product is £5.09 which is slightly more expensive for your average deodrant although all you need to do is twist the bottom twice for everday usage so it really is worth it! 

Do you fancy trying out this product?

Gemma x

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Condition

Having had this product for a good few months now I feel it's the right time to express my love for it! I had seen a lot of other blogs review this and say how amazing this product was so I couldn't wait to try it out for myself! Before cutting my hair it was very dry and damaged so I was searching for the right haircare product for me, until I found out about Liz Earles new hair care range.

I wouldn't say this is your average conditioner it was more like a balm if anything. I used this after using my regular shampoo twice and only left it on for around 5 minutes, when washing it off I could already feel the difference. Also the product itself smells like heaven which is a bonus! When drying my hair I wasn't expecting an extreme shine as it isn't a treatment although it did feel a lot healthier. 

The product provides of oily hair as well as dry or damaged hair so I'd definatly recommend this product. You may think at £14 that this is quite a lot for a conditioner, although it does make a different. I think I would definatly purchase this product again and maybe use it as a weekly treat to my hair as I felt such a difference. 

Gemma x

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I&K Hair Extensions Review

I had quite long hair but not too long ago I decided to get it chopped off for a more healthy looking hair do. I really miss my long hair and was interested in hair extensions so I decided to go for these I&K Straight Hair Extensions in #8 Light Brown. Firstly I want to say how helpful Hairtrade were with helping me pick the right colour, I sent them a picture of my hair in natural light and they recommended me two shades which was close, obviously I chose to take their advice and they got it perfectly! 

There are a range of different sized clips and in total there are about 10 different sections, this really helped it blend into my hair as I got my hair cut quite blunt. The website also provides a video of how to put them in which helped me a lot! The hair is very soft and of a good quality so when I put them in my hair there is barely a different with which is my real hair and which isn't. I actually wore these hair extensions out clubbing and my friends didn't even notice! Regardless of the heat inside the club these hair extensions gave me no problem and I could dance around without feeling concious. 

You're given a leaflet for aftercare which also tells you that you can style them so I decided to curl mine just so there isn't any obvious difference between my hair and the extensions. Below is a flash picture and an Instagram. They say they last for around 3 months but seeing as I would barely wear them except for special occasions I reckon they will last a lot longer for me. 

In total I've probably worn them 3 times and I have had no problem. I sometimes put my hair in a ponytail and then just let it out, they're comfortable and easy to style. They definatly are a different from my £5 bargain extensions! Overall I feel they're well priced for such good quality extensions and I will be wearing them a lot!

Gemma x

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


A while ago I was sent an OPI nail varnish is 'Lady in Black' as I had been dying to try black nails without the goth look. This nail varnish is perfect for that as it dries nice and shiny and you don't need to put layers on layers to get a opaque black. I decided to try it with this purple shimmer on top of the black, I think i got this Primark literally ages ago and here are the results...

Here is just the black with only 1 coat. Even though it's not fully opaque it is all I need for the look that I'm going for.

And here is the result, it slightly reminds me of the 'galaxy nails' that everybody has been trying out using around 5 different colours to create. This is only 2 nail varnishes and took me 5 minutes max. I really love the OPI nail varnish especially compared to my previous black nail varnishes which looked gooey. If you want a black nail varnish without the mess and not needing to put many layers on then this is the nail varnish for you!

Gemma x

Monday, April 02, 2012

OOTD - Tell You Everything

Cardigan - H&M
Vest - Asda
Jeggings - Asda
Necklace and Bracelets - Primark

It's been a pretty casual day today, helped my mum round the house before she leaves to go down to Portsmouth tomorrow and did a bit of work here and there. As I said in an earlier post I want to turn my blog into a more fashion blog so expect some more ootd's! I brought this cardigan the other day and couldn't wait to wear it, I wanted to really make it casual today so popped on a pair of jeggings and this vest which I hardly ever wear.

I'm hopefully going clubbing during the Easter holidays as I still havn't been since turning 18. I have no idea what to wear so any ideas or recommendations are welcome! I will probably wear this black dress that I was sent from Motel but I really want a stripey blazer to go with it, anybody know where I could get one of them from?

Gemma xx

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Small Haul

As much as I wanted to save my money I couldn't resist not shopping any long and had to find some new things to wear as the weather in London was surprisingly nice.  I ended up only buying a dress and a cardigan which I think was pretty good!

Primark - £8.00

When I found out this dress was only £8.00 I knew I was going to buy this. The material is light weighted which is perfect for a hot sunny day and it also isn't too clingy. The waist band has lost it's elastic slightly but I would be wearing this dress with a belt anyway so that's no problem. I wore this with a denim jacket the other day to create a casual look and then wore a blazer with it for an evening with extra accessories so this dress can be worn day and night. This is exactly the kind of dress I was hoping to buy!

H&M £14.99

I went out initially looking for a cardigan in a colour other than black so when I saw this cream lightweight cardigan it was perfect for a hot day. The way it sits is also really nice as it's shorter at the back and slightly drapes at the front, it's a really casual cardigan and is so soft! I know they sell cardigans like this in Primark cheaper but I find H&M cardigans last so much longer and never loose their shape. 

Gemma x