Tuesday, August 30, 2011

primark haul


I found this top just a i was about to go to the changing rooms, it was also the only one in my size! This top seemed like fate, it was the kind of top i've been wanting to get for a while but i had no idea how much it was. Once i got to the till and found it was £4 my shopping day was complete!

£8 each

These are my favourite tops atm from Primark. I have them in a coral and cream colour already but had to get these 2 colours - teal and pumpkin! They are slightly see through but are so lightweight and flimsy which is why i love wearing them. In the picture they look like they have a weird hem but they actually have a straight hem. The sleeves come to a really nice length and it even has a cute little pocket! I think they're great every day tops and extremely easy to dress up!


I'm not certain on how much this was, i never seem to remember how much jewellery was for some reason. Anyway, i love the jewellery Primark has but in the ended i opted for this necklace. It is quite long with a brown suade chain, the pendant is like a crystal with a copper wire wrapped around it. I loved this simple necklace with a twist, i'm looking for a white floaty top to go with this and pair it with a coloured skirt!

Gemma x

Saturday, August 27, 2011

girls with attitude pre glued nails

The other day Girls With Attitude kindly sent me some of their pre glued nails. Normally i'm not a fan of fake nails but seeing as i loved the design on these and they were pre glued ones, i was dying to try them out! My first impression was, 'they will never stay on my nails' but they are surprisingly strong. They do feel like they are going to fall off sometimes so i ended up super glueing (don't judge me) them on and they have been secure ever since. 

They are the quickest and easiest fake nails i have ever come across and so much less hassle putting on. They come is a good variety of sizes as well. When i first saw the pattern on the internet i was put off a little but after seeing them on i have really warmed to them. 

These are the results from the nails, they don't look overly fake which is what i was aiming for and really pleased with. There is nothing i can fault with their fake nails, they have stayed on ever since putting them on (2 days ago) lets just hope it stays that way!

Gemma x

Friday, August 26, 2011

dainty doll lipsticks

The other day i received 2 lipsticks from Dainty Doll, the brand owned by Girls Aloud Nicola Roberts. Now her make up range is aimed more around paler people which is perfect for me although i feel with these lipsticks they are very versatile! This time of year is all about statement lips, take a look at Rihanna and Anne Hatheway for example. Now not being a real lipstick person i was reluctant on getting bright and bold colours and instead opted for a softer shade. 

The Dainty Doll Lipsticks come in 5 different shade and retail at £12.50 being found in either Boots or Harrods. 

l-r   'in his kiss', 'material world'
In the end i settled for 'In His Kiss' and 'Material World'. Material Worlds has a slight shimmer to it where as In His Kiss is more of a matte pink. Below you can see how they come out. I think i prefer Material World for an every day look and would probably use In His Kiss when going out as it does come out suprisingly bright. 

Overall, the lipsticks are beautifully packaged and are very creamy and moisturising which i like about it as it seems like a lip balm. Although i doubt i would buy them again as i wasn't really 'wowed' by them and to spend £12.50 on something i would rarely wear seems a waste to me.

Gemma x

Thursday, August 25, 2011

cleanse and polish

So this is one of those products that is loved and hyped by the blog world and i really wanted to try it out for myself. Once i got the parcel through my door it felt like christmas, everything was so beautiful presented, it gave you a guide of how to use it (and how to even wash the muslin cloths), little leaflets on other products and their prices, literally everything you could think of needing they packed in there. 

I took this away on holiday with me and used it every day and night as recommended. I think the first time i used it i could feel a difference straight away. It is great for taking of eye make up and it magically exfoliates your skin. When i say magically i mean, there are no little bits in the cream it is just smooth so when you wash it off with the muslin cloth you skin feels x10 smoother. 

I take a full pump from the bottle and put a section of it on my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead (like foundation). I then rub it in and wash it off using the muslin cloth. Lastly, i splash my face with cold water and then dab it dry using a towl. So quick and easy!

This product has won so many awards and i can see why, this is definatly a product i would go and buy again and i rarely do that with skincare products as i love to try different products all the time. 

Gemma x

Sunday, August 14, 2011

nail art

All of the except the newspaper nail art (found on google) is from Boom Nails.

At the moment i'm loving nail art, especially the whole Aztec design. I found Boom Nails blog a while back and it has some amazing nail art which i love to try and copy! The most recent nail art that i have found out about is the newspaper trick, once back from Spain i will definatly try that one out and hopefully do a tutorial on it! Have you got any favourite nail art designs?

Gemma x

Saturday, August 13, 2011

topshop sale favs

*This is a scheduled post*

These are a few of my favourites from the Topshop sale at the moment. Especially the purple skirt and shirt. Apparently purple is meant to be the 'in' colour of Autumn and seeing as i have a few black skirts like this one, for £15 it isn't bad at all and the colour is pretty nice! The shirt is probably my top favourite, you can dress if up and down, it also gives with pretty much everything! Seeing as it was originally around £30, this is a bargain!!!

Gemma x

Thursday, August 11, 2011

lasting perfection concealer

I was searching for a concealer that would cover up the under eye area well. I came across this concealer from Collection 2000 and decided to try it out. 

This is without any concealer and just moisturiser. 

I applied the concealer by dotting it in a triangular shape.

This is with the concealer blended in. I havn't set a powder on top of it yet so it looks a bit shiny. 

You can clearly see how much it covers up well. You need the tiniest amount and this was after only putting it on once. I think for roughly £4 it is worth it, i used to use Natural Collection concealer and even though it was a bigger tube it would run out quicker as i needed to apply more. 

Compared to other concealers it isn't the best i've seen so i'm still on the look out for the perfect concealer, but i think i would definatly buy this again if i was on a budget. 

Gemma x

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

denman brush and batiste

So recently i received my new Denman Brush and 2 different colours of Batiste's hint of colour dry shampoo's. Watch the video below to see what i like about them and how i apply the dry shampoo's.

Gemma x

Thursday, August 04, 2011

collection 2000 supersize mascara

This is Collection 2000's new mascara called Supersize which is only £2.99. I was originally using a cheap Superdrug mascara but seeing as this mascara is only £1 more and has a much better result it is now my everyday mascara. I got it in black and what i love about this mascara is that it really does seperate and lengthen each lash. 

So this is my lashes curled but with no mascara on.

This is my lashes curled and with one coat of the Supersize mascara on. 

I think you can see the results and judge it for yourself. You can clearly see they are more defined and lengthened. They completely widen my eyes and make them seem brighter. For a mascara to be £2.99 and give this result is amazing in my opinion, you cannot go wrong for such a small amount of money. As i said, this is only one coat on my eye lashes, for the evening i will probably add a few more coats (tip - let your lashes dry fully before putting another coat on to see a difference). Guys, if you are on a budget like me and don't want to be spending £8.99 on a mascara then this is the mascara for you, it's cheap and gives an extremely similar result to more expensive mascara's that i've tried in the past. 

Gemma x

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

collection 2000 cream puff

Now i'm not really a lip gloss person and rarely ever wear it although this new cream puff lip creams from collection 2000 add a whole new meaning to lip glosses. Normally i think they're sticky, too glossy and come off so there's not much point in them. These however, are completely different, they have a matt finish and arn't sticky at all, they even stay on for a very long time!

So i got them in 2 diferent colours, as you can see the left is Angel Delight and the right is Fairy Cakes. Personally i prefer Fairy Cakes as the pinky-red colour brings out my eyes although Angel Delight may come in handy for when i go to Spain and hopefully get a nice tan. 

 So this one is Fairy Cakes and as you can see it is really true to it's colour, in the picture it is a bit shiny but i think that's because of the flash. This is one coat believe it or not, it has a really rich matt colour when you put it on straight away and even has a beautiful smell!

This is Angel Delight. As you can see again it has a strong matt finish and is true to it's colour. This didn't come out as brown as i thought it would which makes me like it a bit better, it's quite a neutral colour compared to Fairy Cakes and would look lovely on holiday. 

Overall, these lip creams have totally changed my mind about wearing lip glosses, even though i said i wouldn't wear lip glosses i want to wear these ones everyday. Such beautiful matt colours which makes me want to try the rest of them! 

Gemma x

Monday, August 01, 2011

quick catch up

So on Friday me and a friend went up to Oxford Street and attended the Motel Sample Sale, i was a bit disappointed as i didn't fine much that i liked and even though it was a sale most dresses were around £25. Although we did hear Urban Outfitters were having a Sample Sale too so we thought we may as well check it out.

I ended up getting this beautiful purse for £5, it was originally £22, what a bargain! Despite the unreal heat in the room there was so many bargains, belts for £3, skirts for a fiver, so cheap just the way i like it! I also got this cross necklace from Primark, i think it was only £2.50. I've seen a lot of people wear similar ones but usually they're about £5 so to get this one so cheap i am really happy. 

Saturday was a bit of a long day at work but Sunday i ended up doing a photo shoot for my A level Photography in September. My theme is fashion and my shoot was black and white. Below are just 2 images from the shoot that i've edited so far, really happy with the outcomes!

Gemma x