Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yourvine and ASOS challenges

Yourvine have launched a campaign with ASOS which launches today where you guys can complete challenges online to win amazing rewards such as 25% off, free Premium membership, gift vouchers etc. The challenges are really simple and easy to do and go up in levels depending on how much you want to get invovled. The further you go the better rewards you get for example in Level one you may get a £5 voucher but in Level 4 you may get a Premium account which gives you unlimited next day delivery (how cool?!). 

Like I said, the challenge launches today and all you need to do is simply sign up here to get the details of the first challenge. I've already signed up and can't wait to get involved, it's basically shopping with rewards, what more could you want?

Are you going to sign up?
Gemma x 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

YBF Primer Review

YBF - Perfect Prep Face Primer*

A while back I was sent out this Primer from YBF, I had only recently gotten into primer and I usually lived by my Witch Primer. Once that had run out I decided to experiment with different primers and see what's best for my skin, ironically I was contacted in the same week asking if I would like to review this primer so I jumped at the offer! Straight away I was impressed with the packaging as I expected it to feel more cheap? I must admit I was there for about 10 minutes twisting the lid when all you had to do was pull haha! The sponge applicator is something I havn't seen and is very soft and lovely against your skin however I really don't like this method of putting primer on as I find the sponger gets dirty and it can be really unhygienic applying it this way, maybe this is why my skin hasn't been very good since.

The actual texture of the primer is very velvet like and soft and I love the feel of it on my skin however I'm the type of person who likes anything to completely sink into my skin before applying my foundation and I found that I had to wait a while and do other things to let it sink in. I also found with the applicator that I would accidentally use too much as I could never see the product until I rubbed it into my skin and found I had pushed too much out. A positive thing about this primer is that it does work very well as a primer and I noticed the difference when one day I forgot to put it on, this would last me from 9am right til 5pm when I got home from University. Overall, yes it is a good primer but personally I prefer my Witch Primer.

Gemma x

Monday, November 19, 2012

For Sale - Black Wedges

Nelly Black Wedges - Size 40/6 RRP £38
(Shipping to UK only)

These Nelly wedges have been sitting in my cupboard for months and I have not worn them once. The shoes are in their original packaging and havn't even been tried on, the original Nelly box is slightly bent which was how it was delivered to me however I will box it up again when shipping it out. Before I put them on eBay I thought I would see if anybody was interested via my blog as then I don't have to pay any fees etc. Now the wedges are about 6 months old and therefore not on the website anymore although I'm sure the RRP was £38. You can see they're in perfect condition and the height of the heel is around 5 inches. They are beautiful however I'm tall enough as it is and I would never get the wear out of them so that is why I've decided to sell them.

I'm open to any offers however P+P is £5 (I'm only shipping in the UK as they are quite heavy and P+P will start getting ridiculous). If you are interested please email me at with your offer.

Gemma x

Monday, November 19, 2012

Spike/Stud Necklace

Next - Spiked Necklace*
(I can't find it online but I brought this in store)

A couple of weeks ago when I tagged along (gatecrashed) Nexts Lock In Event we were kindly gifted with a whopping £100 voucher (how kind of them?!). I was so overwhelmed in the shop with their jackets but as soon as I saw this necklace I knew that I would be purchasing this. I have been looking for a spiked necklace like this for a long time but they're normally around £7 and are plastic and cheap looking. Whenever somebody goes to touch this necklace when I'm wearing it they usually say 'I didn't expect it to be this heavy!'. Now I'm not saying this necklace breaks my back wearing it but you can just tell that it's a good quality necklace that is going to last for a long time plus for £10 I think it's a really good price especially comparing it to it's quality.

I really can't stop wearing it as it give any outfit a bit of an edge, you can wear it under collars or over plain tops to give the outfit a gothic feel. I really love the two levels of spikes on the necklace as it doesn't look to overcrowded but makes it more interesting. If you follow me on instagram you will usually spot this in every outfit post, I literally mean I can't stop wearing it haha. If you're looking for a spiked necklace like this I definatly recommend spending those extra pennies for a good quality necklace that you know will last you. 

What do you think of this necklace?

Gemma x

Thursday, November 15, 2012

La Roche Posay - Hydraphase Intense Masque Review

La Roche Posay - Hydraphase Intense Masque*

Quite  while back now I was send out this Rehydrating Mask by La Roche-Posay who I honestly had never heard of before. I really love trying new beauty products to find out whats best for my skin for example, since using Liz Earle cleanser my skin has never looked so clear! I noticed recently my skin was looking a bit dull and can tend to look dry, especially when applying foundation my skin then can look really uneven and rough. When I rummaged around in my basket I came across this product again and even though I only use it about once a week I do find it hydrating my skin. 

You're meant to apply a generous amount over the face and neck and let it soak into your skin, after 10 minutes wipe away any excess. I'm the kind of person who takes instructions literally so the first time I used this I put way too much on my face and I found it never soaked in therefore wasting a lot of product! Second time I applied about 2-3 pea sized drops over my face and neck and let it soak in, which it did within 10-15 minutes. I wouldn't recommend at all for putting this on before your make up as if you're like me I don't like my skin feeling silky/oily before putting my foundation on, I guess you could say I like a matte base. I would however recommend putting this on in the evening when you're doing some chores or finishing some work as it can fully sink into your skin and leave you with a lovely fresh feeling face. 

I can't find an exact price but I've seen it ranging from £10-£15 which I don't think is THAT bad if you're going to use it once a week like me. Although I would only buy this in autumn/winter where my skin tends to get a little more dry and needs some extra attention as well as moisturiser. If you do have dry skin I would recommend giving this a try as it's something I had never experience before as a mask and did end up liking.

Gemma x

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit Review

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit*

I got this kit sent out a few days ago after seeing it on TV being advertised. I had been wanting to have ombre hair for a long time and since seeing this kit I knew it was the right moment to do it. Since using this product I've never looked back and until I get bored I will keep doing this to my hair as it is so easy to use. I decided to do a vlog instead of blog post as it was easy to explain through video but if you're looking to do the ombre style to your hair then buy this kit as it makes it so easy and simple!

Also it would be a lot if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be doing a lot more vlogs!

Gemma x

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cookie Dough Bites Review

So I got these goodies sent out to me the other day and are another 'American Candy'. I'm so interested in trying stuff from other countries and CyberCandy is the best place to find candy from a variety of countries. This time I decided to go for chocolate again but with a bit of a fudge brownie twist. They come beautifully packaged like before and are a perfect size to give to somebody as a gift! Personally I think these kind of packs are perfect for a movie night in with the girls or something as they are those kind of nibbly foods along with popcorn. At £2.20 I wouldn't say they are that bad seeing as you could end up buying a big pack of maltesers for £2 and these are from America, not something you can get in your local store! They come in a variety of different flavours and I would say the cupcake ones are definatly on my list for next time to try!

Getting on with how they actually taste, it was quite weird. They were soft inside like a brownie and extremely tasty. I think I liked them the most out of my family, my mum wasn't too keen on them where as me and my dad liked them! They're definatly something different and worth trying if you like your chocolate. They really are tasty as well and even though there aren't millions on these little balls in the pack you don't really want to eat that many or they can become quite sickening because they're so chocolatey! 

Do you think you would try these?

Gemma x

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Repertoire Fashion - Bags Galore

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

I never really used to be into handbags especially as every single one of my bags would break after 3 months of using them. After buying a half decent one and lasting me more than 3 months I've been interested in buying more designer hand bags as the quality can be so much better. I can across Repertoire Fashion that stocks literally everything but my favourite was their bags, from Armani Jeans to Ted Baker to Vivienne Westwood. Above is just an image I put together of some of my favourite bags from their site (hopefully Santa will see this haha). My favourite has to be either the Vivienne Westwood (top left) or the metallic bow bag just underneath it. They would be amazing for christmas with LBD and your outfit would be sorted. 

What's your favourite?

Gemma x

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Flawless Friend Challenge

This challenge from Witches Flawless Friends was to nominate a fellow blogger who deserved a treat and I feel this is Laura from Thatssoyesterday

If there ever was a girl who I could say is always smiling, cheerful and positive I wouldn't even hesitate to say that it's Laura. I remember the first ever event I went to I had originally planned to go on my own and I was quite nervous however Laura kindly offered to meet up with me and come to the event. As soon as I met her I knew she was so down to earth and fun loving. She stuck by my side throughout the event as we tried on hats and drank beautiful cider and that really gave me confidence into blogging. Ever since then I would bump into her at other events and luckily enough she is also a part of Witches Flawless Friends so I get to see her at a variety of events! Every time we met up she would have a crazy story to tell us,plus she's amazing at finding her way through London! 

When I first met Laura she told me how old she was and I couldn't believe her! Plus the fact that she's had children was even more gobsmacking. Laura is such a beautiful girl inside and out and she truly has a heart of gold. She has faced negative things in the past that she has mentioned about on her blog but she will always take it on the chin and find away to move on, inspiring! 

Laura is like the mummy of the community, always looking out for you and making you smile. I really feel she needs a treat as she's such an inspiring friend and role model to not only me but many other bloggers and I don't think she even realises this! 

Gemma x

Monday, November 05, 2012

Katch PR SS13 Press Day


The other week I was kindly invited to Katch PR SS13 Press Day including designers Danilo Gabrielli, Zeyned Tosun, Karen K, Tahir Sultan and others. This isn't really a post focusing on specific pieces from each collection but I thought I would show you how beautiful some of their new collections are. There were a range from pastel collection by Danilo Gabrielli to studs feather and sequins by Tahir Sultan who also had designed jewellery for the first time. I really loved the colours in the showroom and especially the detail, you could see how much thought had gone into each piece and there was barely any need for major accessories if you were to wear something like these on the red carpet. I learnt some great facts during the day as well with one being that one piece had been sent to Nicki Minaj to wear on tour! I really loved the collection, what do you guys think of it?

Gemma x

Monday, November 05, 2012

Fashion Wishlist for £35 or less

My wishlist this week is based around the Gift Voucher Blogger Challenge and the theme is Fantastic Fashion Gifts for £35 or less'. Anybody can still enter until the closing date of the competition (9th November) so if you're feeling lucky why not give this challenge a go yourself! Above are just some stuff that I have been lusting over for a while now and have decided to ask for christmas!

001. I am in desperate need of a curling wand, the one I have currently is way to thin and gives me school girl ringlets, this one by Toni and Guy is only £30 from Next and gives you lovely soft curls.

002. If you're a blogger then you have seen these MUA nail constellations everywhere! At only £3 (bargain!) they make great stocking fillers or even just an extra gift to somebody's present. I know they're based on your star signs but I really do love these purple ones! 

003. Lately I've become a massive candle lover, I have only ever had one Yankee candle which was green (I've forgotten the name) but that really kick started my love for candles so I really want to get another one! This Vanilla Cupcake one looks amazing!

004. I keep seeing tartan scarves everywhere, another thing I've wanted for a few months now and seeing as it's so cold here in London already then this scarf will keep me warm and also brighten up a plain outfit. This one is from Topman at only £14.

005. Models Own Mirrorball Set is something I've been seeing everywhere, my new thing with nails is glitter glitter glitter! This set costs £20 and would be great for a fashion friends christmas gift, you can never run out of glitter!

006. Last but not least this beautiful and simple River Island white shirt at £20, every time I walk into this shop I stare at it thinking should I? I love the cute bow and everybody needs a classic white shirt in their cupboard! This is also on my christmas list this year.

What are you lusting for this christmas?

Gemma x

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Batiste Grafitti and Paisley Review

Batiste have introduced two new dry shampoos to add to the team, Grafitti and Paisley. Paisley has a real fruity fragrence to it with a slight kick making it quite different to the previous Batiste's. I love the quirky design on the can and would say this can literally sums up me, my favourite so far! Grafitti has a more of a musky modern smell to it which is also very unique, I'm already a massive fan! I also love the urban design in the can, quite different to previous designs and definatly stand out in stores. Both new fragrences are so refreshing and different to their previous dry shampoos and at only £2.99 this is my new pick up when I go out shopping in Superdrug.

A little bit off topic but I wanted to share this with you guys. This month I will be featuring on Debenhams Minizine on their website - HOW AMAZING! I won't give away too much and will definatly be spamming all social media when it is up so keep an eye out for me on their homepage!

Gemma x

Friday, November 02, 2012

Liz Earle Perfect Finish Powder Foundation Review


Liz Earle seem to be getting better and better with make up and one of their recent products is their Perfect Finish Powder Foundation. I've never used a compact Powder Foundation and this product has really changed my mind on them. I thought that they probably couldn't give me enough coverage and would make me look like powder however this product gives me an amazing coverage and covers all my blemishes, it doesn't give me a powdered look and leaves a nice matte tone to my skin while look healthy. One thing I noticed was how light it was on my skin and there were points in the day when I had to think if I put foundation on today, it's a great sized with a compact mirror making it great to carry with you in your bag throughout the day. The product also comes with a sponge applicator, so again perfect to take with you on your day out. The sponge is actually really nice and soft making it easy to apply onto my skin. The sponge didn't hold too much of the product and also it spread the powder evenly across my face. 

I would find myself having to top up during the day but you really do need a minimal amount in the first place when applying this powder. It kept my skin matte especially my T-Zone which can sometimes be a problem. The powder comes in a variety of different shades and I would definatly recommend this to people with oily skin but not many blemishes as it is a medium coverage.

What do you think about this product?
Gemma x

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Smooch Lip Pencils Review

(I'm wearing Nearly Naked)
Smooch - Nearly Naked & Perfect Pout - £4.95

Everywhere I look I will always see at least one person with statement lips or at least some lipstick, I personally have never really gotten into lipsticks and think a more natural shade suits me better however a natural lipstick still looks weird to me. I've decided to try out some lip pencils, these are from Smooch and there are 4 different colours however these are their two most natural colours. I would say Perfect Pout had more red undertones and Nearly Naked is the perfect natural colour for me. I really like the matte yet moisturising look it gives to your lips without looking like they've been smothered in something. So far I've been wearing Nearly Naked everyday as it makes my lips stand out more and weirdly I've had a few comments on them since wearing this. I would say, as I'm not a big lips girl, I would wear Perfect Pout on a night out to complete the look and use Nearly Naked as an everyday lip pencil. 

One side is the actual pencil and the other side is a brush, the brush isn't the most greatest brush I've ever used but it is a good little idea as some days I will apply the pencil and use a gloss, the brush on the other ends makes it easy to apply! At £4.95 I don't think you can go wrong, there are such lovely shades whether you're like me or more daring, it comes with a brush and pencil and the actual wear of the pencil lasts me all day so barely any need for top ups! I'm so glad I tried these although I don't think my purse is as I really want to invest in loads of different shades, who knows this could be my step into lipsticks!

What do you think of them?
Gemma x