Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Skin Health Spa Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Anastasia who has won my Skin Health Spa Giveaway winning £150 worth of vouchers! If she doesn't reply within 3 days of emailing her then I will pick another winner. I gained so many lovely new readers and I just wanted to say thank you for taking part in my giveaway, although don't give up yet! I will be announcing ANOTHER giveaway this week giving you the chance to win one of five Witch BB Creams which are amazing by the way!

Sorry I have been a rubbish blogger at the moment, I've just got back from holiday, completely tired and havn't even caught up with my friends yet! I'm trying to blog where I can and currently have a few products to review and some hauls including jeans (I never wear jeans/trousers)! Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend

Gemma x

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Update

(photograph taken by me)

Hi again guys, I'm officially back from Turkey. I know I said I was going to Spain and I thought so too but my mum and dad surprised me and my sister by joining my auntie, cousins and grandad on holiday! I had such an amazing time but I have missed England. Me being the idiot I am brought my big camera but left my memory card at home so I didn't get any decent outfit posts but now that I'm home I shall get into the routine of doing more outfit posts as well as beauty posts! 

I shall be announcing the winner of my Skin Health Spa Vouchers give away as I realised it ended when I was away. I also have a give away coming up next week where you can win one of five Witch BB Creams which are amazing by the way, I love using it but now I have a brown face from Turkey I will have to use another foundation instead! 

Gemma x

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jules B - Sale

I do love a good old bargain so when I came across the site Jules B and that they had a sale I just couldn't resist! I starting to fall in love with statement jewellery at the moment especially as I don't have any and wanted to invest in some. I spotted some statement jewellery on their site and even in their sale! I love how they're still in fashion yet half their original price. I love the studded tribal necklace, it could really grunge up an outfit and the colour makes it go with nearly every colour! I havn't actually seen any necklace like this so far and for £15 this is definatly something I may purchase. The silver and leather necklace again is to really grunge up an outfit, I like the hard look it has and again it's quite plain yet bold so it can go with any outfit and colour. The blue bracelet screamed at me when I saw it, I am in love with the colour and its simple design, this is something I'd wear when wearing all black (something I surprisingly do often) just to brighten it up! Last but not least the gold bangle and the biggest saver which was originally £75 down to £30. I don't actually own many bangles so this statement gold bangle with stone detail really draws to me a I've never seen anything like it around, another piece I may have to invest in!

What are you favourites?
Gemma x

Monday, August 20, 2012

BlackDress HQ - Jewellery

I am in love with bunting necklaces at the moment, especially these ones from BlackDress HQ! They are such beautiful colours and I love the whole draw string effect instead of a chain! Now these necklaces are £90 each which, in theory is a lot of money for a necklace but if I was ever to buy a necklace that was out of my budget and was as a special present this would definatly be it! I'd like to experiment by making it as a collar necklace as well as a long necklace! I think personally I prefer the mint coloured one as I am a massive lover of mint! 

Now I also noticed this ring and how it was different. It's called their three facet ring and is a whopping £130 but like I said before, if I was ever to spend a lot of money on a ring this would be the ring. I love finding rings that are different and unique and this is exactly it. I normally prefer plain rings but this small decoration makes the ring look so delicate and adds a really nice touch in my opinion. Every time I look at this ring I just want it more! I do have a few rings but they're mainly gold so it would be nice to have a silver ring to add to my collection! 

What do you think?
Gemma x

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Michael Kors


As everybody knows, Michael Kors watches have become very big recently and the more I see them, the more I want to own one! I came across Watch Warehouse that stock millions of brands including Michael Kors. I picked out my four favourite designers above each in a different shade - silver, gold, rose gold and white! I know they are a bit heavy on the price tag but I've recently been telling myself to get more long lasting and special items, and Michael Kors watches are definatly on my list! These watches include 3 years warrenty and next day delivery so the website is great for special occasion gifts, last minute purchases or like me, eager beaver times! 

What do you think of the watches? What's your favourite?
Gemma x

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nail Art Pens - HairTrade

Nail Art Pen in Black and White - Hairtrade*

I was kindly sent these Nail Art Pens out as my previous Argos ones had dried out and I used them all the time! I was really excited to use these as my Argos pens were amazing. Now these Nail Art Pens are only £3.59 and I'm sure you could find cheaper ones on eBay but my Argos onces were about £20-£25 for 7? I guess the Argos pens work out cheaper but some of them were horrible colours and I'd prefer to pay a bit more to use the colours that I wanted. The first thing I noticed when they arrive but didn't expect any more of is the packaging. It is just a standard plastic bottle although when I when to push down the lids on one of them the plastic bottle with the liquid in just squashed, thankfully it didn't splatter anywhere! The actual brushes and pin of the product is great, I did cut them a little to be a bit pointier as I wanted to do more complex designs but apart from that they were great!

The actual nail varnish inside the bottle differed in my opinion. The white liquid was of a good consistency and wasn't too thick nor too watery where as with the black one I found the liquid to be watery and less pigmented when I applied it to my nails, I found myself doing about 2-3 coats for that one. However, I did a bit of googling and ended up leaving the bottle open for about 30 mins and it has become a little thicker! These pens are exactly like my Argos ones, they are great for some amateur nail designs and to give your nails some decoration! I would definatly recommend them if you wanted to play around with some designs or learn how to do them! You can get millions of different colours on HairTrade's website so definatly check them out!

Gemma x 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dova Spa Oxygenating Drops

For a while I've noticed my skin looking quite dull and just needing that boost so when I had the chance to review Dova Spa's Oxygenating Drops I jumped at the offer! They are designed to revitalise your skin, Vitamins B3 and B5 recharge the skin with moisturising benefits to help renew and brighten its appearance. It says on the back of the box to use one vial per week for a month although I havn't gotten through one in a week even though I've been using it every day! The way I apply it is by putting a drop on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin they massage the product into my skin. I don't find there to be a distinctive scent to the product, it's really light and feels like you're putting water onto your face. I would say it leaves my face slightly sticky after putting it on but nothing too uncomfortable 

The packaging is beautiful and definatly reflects it's price being around £40. The glass tinted bottles really makes the product look expensive and I love the test tube type application making it easy to control the amount of product you are putting onto your face. I prefer to use it here and there rather than every day as this way the products last longer and you treat it more like a treatment. I've noticed since using this product my skin looks more plump, refreshes and my pores actually are much smaller than before - something I hated about my skin! I do think these have a really good effect on your skin and are definatly my go to product for when my skin feels a bit iffy and needs to be revitalised!

Gemma x

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Things Review

I was sent out these products a while back and originally I had never heard about them at all! Good Things are a simple, inexpensive brand aimed a younger people to help with their skin and look after it. The first thing that drew to my attention is the amount and range of different fruits in each product which makes them smell so amazing, good enough to eat! The three products I received are a part of their Anti Blemish range, I sometimes get little blemishes on my face so these products actually made me eager to try them! 

Starting with the Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser, it has extracts of Mango and Blueberry and I would say is more concentrated on oily skin. This bottle is only £4.99 which I think is great especially as it's aimed at younger skin. After using it for a week I noticed that my skin was instantly less oily and my skin has started to get clearer. I really liked the smell of this one as it was really refreshing and left my face feeling clean. I let my sister who's 15 also try this as she suffers from oily skin and we both saw a dramatic change as her skin is much clearer and is never as oily.

Next with the Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser I liked putting this on before my make up as this moisturiser never left an oily substance making me not want to put my make up on after. It made my skin feel really smooth and matte but at the same time really hydrated. This moisturiser is a little more expensive with it being £7.99 which does slightly put me off although I have actually found this moisturiser to work well with my skin so I would consider this product in the future.

With the Stop that Spot Clearing Gel this was my favourite product out of the three. I would put it on my blemishes the night before and when waking up they had reduced massively, it has become my substitute for sudocream.  This product is also £4.99 which I think it good in comparison with similar gels like this, especially as this one works wonders! 

Overall I really do like these products and cannot believe I have never heard of them before hand, they smell beautiful and none of three didn't have some sort of effect on my skin to help make it clearer!

Gemma x

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dip Hem Skirts

I am completely addicted to everything with a dip hem at the moment especially skirts when I saw one of my friends wearing a dip hem skirt with a crop top clubbing - it looked sophisticated, fashionable and sexy! I've seen millions of black and navy blue coloured ones but I've been on the search for some more bright, floral patterned skirts and here are my top three! 

I really liked the blue one as it's quite long at the back compared to the other tow, you can dress it with some sandels for holiday or stick on a pair of heels ready to go out! I also love royal blue at the moment so this colour is screaming out to me! It can be matched with a pastel coloured top for day time and then a dark coloured shirt for evening wear!

The coral coloured dip hem skirt is something I havn't seen a lot of, I like the way it pleats at the front as well as the length of it at the back! Personally, I could imagine this more as a dressy day time outfit especially because of the peachy coral colour! The reason as to why I picked this is because I don't think I have any clothes this colour and I've really gotten into colour blocking so I can imagine so many tops in my wardrobe doing with this! I'd love to grunge up this skirt and really contrast the colour with studs, spikes and crosses etc...

The Topshop skirt may just be my favourite of the three, I love floral but hate it when the pattern is to 'in your face' where as this pattern is very subtle and dark, again perfect for night time or day. I think I would have probably taken this away with me on holiday if I had seen it sooner. It's a real girly girl skirt but knowing me I'd love to pair it with something like a leather jacket to grunge it up a little bit!

What's your favourite?
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Gemma x

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Liz Earle Perfect Fix Concealer

(Sorry for the scary eyes)

First thing I need to mention is that the concealer isn't actually the dark in person, I'm quite pale and this shade is perfect for me! I havn't used a stick concealer since year 8 and I'm now going into my first year of Uni (hopefully). I used the Collection brand and looking back I used to love it but then I found out about liquid concealer and I have never gone back since. When getting the chance to review this concealer I thought I'd try it out and see if I could regain my love for it. 

The picture above is where I've applied a few dots and then patted in with my finger, as you can see it has covered my horrible eye bags really well, and the picture was taken with flash on as well! I have been searching for a concealer that covers under my eyes well without looking to cakey and this concealer has taken me by surprise. I havn't actually been using any other concealer besides this one and I am so pleased with how amazing it is! When trying this on blemishes I wasn't sure at first but I've now warmed up to it and it also covers blemishes really well! I personally would say it's better at covering dark circle so if you have dark circle and minimal blemishes this concealer is perfect for you!

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Gemma x

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dove Spa Cleansing Cream

I've been to the Dove Spa but never actually tried any of their products out so when I received this Rich Cleansing Cream I was intrigued to see the results. It claims to cleanse and soften your skin. Normally I live by my Liz Earle cleanser so it was hard to convert but I decided to use this cleanser every night and no other cleanser to fully see the results. Instantly I could feel my skin feeling very soft after the first use so I was excited to see what would happen within a weeks time. My skin did feel clean although I have had a few little break outs, then again I guess this could be the cleanser completely clearing my skin. I would say overall the actual quality of skin has improved a lot, it is much more moisturised, less oily and smoother.

The cream is quite rich and straight away I noticed it was soft and silky which made me want to use it more. I would apply this all over my face and then use my Muslin cloth with warm water to take it off. I really do like this cleanser and definatly think I will be alternating between my beloved Liz Earle cleanser and this one. I don't think I could say I love it as much as my Liz Earle cleanser but it's definatly the biggest competition I've found for it. This cleanser retails at around £14 which is a similar price to the Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle. 

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

OOTD Little Bird

Dress (belt included) - Madam Rage*
Cardigan - H&M

Ok so maybe I'm cheating slightly with this post as it's not actually my outfit of the day. I am currently on my way to the airport to go to Spain! I've been waiting for this holiday for ages and it's finally come! I wore this little outfit when going for a family birthday dinner, I ended up pairing it with black tights as the weather was rubbish and started to rain! 

I cannot express to you guys enough how comfortable this lace dress is, I've tried on a lot of lace dress but I've never tried one as comfortable as this. It's probably because of the elasticated waist and that it isn't too clingy. Like I always mention, I do love my skater dresses! The first thing me and my mum said when I unwrapped it was I love the colour, I'm really trying to steer away from black dresses and this is such a beautiful emerald green dress. I also love wearing black tights so this dress goes perfect with tights or without! It came with this little tanned belt which, now looking back at the photos, I need to do up tighter. I know Madam Rage dresses, and this one particular is stocked in New Look so you can get 10% or 20% off  with student discount which makes it from £26.00 to either £23.40 with 10% or £20.80 with 20% off (proud of my maths?!). I think that's a really good price for a dress AND a belt! 

Anywho, I've got loads of posts scheduled for when I'm away and also don't forget to enter my giveaway here! I will respond to all emails/comments/tweets when I'm back so still send them as I will eventually reply :)

Gemma x

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Denman Hot Curling Brushes

Since having my hair cut a few months back I finally figured out how she made my hair so beautiful when blowdrying it, it was the brushes! I used to think it must be the products she used or the way she blowdryed my hair but I was wrong. I used a classic Denman brush when brushing my hair and I used to use it while blowdrying my hair until I realised that it wasn't good for my hair or my brush! The barrel in these brushes are designed to cope with the heat from the hair dryer and the bristles are designed to grip the hair making it easier for you to style it! I never thought a brush could be so technical!

I decided to get the Large and Extra Large, the large is 38mm and the extra large is 48mm. If I'm honest the extra large is a little bit too big for my length of hair right now and I use the large sized brush every time I dry my hair. I think this is the perfect size as I can vary the amount of hair I'm drying as well as creating the perfect shape for my fringe. If you have thick, long hair then I would recommend using the extra large, I've still got to grow my hair before I can properly use this one!

When looking at my brushes now, and I would say I've had them for about a month they are still in exactly the same condition as when I received them. None of the bristles have bent or broken. What I also really like about this brush is the handle and the way it's shaped, it makes it much easier to grip and style with. I will always be a massive Denman brush lover and this brush is definatly a part of every time I dry my hair now! I'm not sure if these brushes make a difference or not but I've noticed that my hair hasn't split or fallen out as much as before, maybe because the bristles are more suited to my hair now and that it isn't so though on my hair, who knows!

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Gemma x

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

OOTD Old Yellow Bricks

Dress - H&M
Belt, Cardigan and Ring - Primark 

Bit of a mixed OOTD, mirror poses as well as my normal layout! I brought the H&M dress not too long ago and I'm planning to take it away with me to Spain when I go on Thursday! I love the pattern of this dress, on the back there is a gold zip detail which I really love too! I can never stop buying H&M dresses they always have a dress that's perfect for any occasion. I've also been wearing this cardigan a lot recently, I love the fit and will probably be taking this away with me too on holiday incase it's chilly at night! 

I havn't actually mentioned this in my previous OOTD posts as I didn't think I would get many comments on it but my hair is actually hair extensions from HairTrade. I don't actually do anything to them as I've curled them once and they've stayed like that forever! I really am loving them at the moment, just gives my hair a bit of length and waves without having to do anything to my real hair - how great!

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Gemma x

Monday, August 06, 2012

Red Hot Sunglasses


Everybody needs that one pair of designer sunglasses, especially if you're in England as you rarely get sun! Now, knowing me, I love a good bargain and I've come across a site called Red Hot Sunglasses that sell men and womens designer sunglasses, although if you look in the right place you can grab some glasses for half the price! The ones above are some of my favourites on their site and as you can see some of them are even less than half price! 

The literally have every designer, shape, colour and frame so that there are ones to suit everybody! Plus if you decide that they aren't the right pair then there are fuss free returns! Now even though some are less than half price they do stock some of the latest collections from top designers like Alexander McQueen so depending on how much you want to pay there is a pair for everyone! What are some of your favourites?

Gemma x

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Flawless Friends Challenge - Perfect Summer Look

As you guys may or may not know I am a part of Witch's Flawless Friends and for their first challenge they have asked us to come up with our perfect summer look whether it would be an outfit or make up for a big night out. I've gone for make up on a big night out! The winner of this competition wins flawless friend of the month AND a beautiful Marc Jacobs Make Up bag! 

I've decided to go for a classic smokey eye with a summer twist on it, I've used reds, oranges and yellows to create the effect of a sunset on her eyes, I've then added some eye liner and mascara to make the look perfect for a big night out. I used Witches BB cream as in summer I wouldn't really wear foundation and then some bronzer to make the look more striking! My rule with make up is if the eyes are over powering keep the lips simple and vice versa, so with this look I've given her a peachy pink glossy lip that ties the look together. 

I really had fun creating this look and it would probably be my summer big night out look as it isn't too dark and heavy yet really eye capturing and something special! The products I've used are listed below;

Witch's Primer
Witch's BB Cream
Witch's Compact Powder
Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette
Collection 2000 Liquid Eye Liner
Beauty UK False FX Mascara
Liz Earle Bronzer
DKNY Lip Gloss (the colour has rubbed off!)

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Gemma x

Saturday, August 04, 2012

PUMA Yellow and Green

PUMA Yellow and Green - 40ml RRP £16.00*

PUMA have launched their new limited edition duo fragrance for the summer - Puma yellow for her and Puma green for him. The scents are refreshing and relaxed while invigorating and upbeat. The packaging for these are very simple, clean and refreshing which get you in the mood for summer. The glass bottles are sophisticated as well as stylish and I personally really love this design for their scents. 

PUMA Yellow for her:

I would say this scent isn't a sweet/floral smell and more of a mature/warm scent. It definatly is a fresh and uplifting scent though, I personally do like it but I wouldn't say I loved it. When unboxing this when my family was around my aunty and mum didn't like it where as my sister and dad didn't mind it. I would definatly smelling this fragrance before buying it and it doesn't really pick everybody's fancy. Seeing as this is a summer scent, when smelling it I would imagine a forest/woods rather than a field of flowers. For me, I wouldn't buy this as if I had the choice I prefer more fruity/floral scents.

PUMA Green for him:

Seeing as this is a male fragrance I got my dad to try this out and straight away he said he loved it! After he has smelt it I decided to give it a few sprays and to my surprise I really liked it as well, I don't think I could probably wear this as it's a really obvious masculine scent but if I ever had to buy a gift for a boyfriend I would probably end up getting this as I also think it's a really good price. Again, I think this is a warm summer scent but I guess I wouldn't expect to smell a fruity/floral scent for a males eau de toilette. 

Overall, I think it's really down to the person and you would have to smell this and everybody has different preferences. I personally wouldn't buy the womans one for me but definatly the mens for a friend in the future.

Gemma x

Friday, August 03, 2012

Designer Bargains - Box Clothing

Seeing as a lot of you guys liked my LBD Revamp post and how reasonably priced they were, when I came across Box Clothing I knew you would love their stuff! They mainly sell a lot of designer clothing for men and woman but when looking around I picked out some beautiful dresses which are also in the sale! A French Connection dress for £30 - you cannot go wrong!

Dress 1 
This little one shouldered Fire Trap dress is to die for, with the whole ombre look being in this dress does it perfectly! It could be either dressed up or dressed down and be pulled off in so many different ways! I really loved the colours in this one and that the bright blue is subtle yet eye capturing!

Dress 2
This dress is also really fashionable at the moment and is also half priced! I've seen a lot of these dresses around but with lace, this dress has a funky design instead so you can be original yet high street priced! This dress is definatly on my wish list

Dress 3
You cannot go wrong with a leopard print dress and I love this bandeau styled dress, it makes it look much more classy! I also really love the zip detailing at the front of the dress and how it slightly flares out from the waist, really flattering!

Dress 4
Another dress I love that is half its original price, I love a good black dress and I love how this black dress has a bright aztec beaded neck to brighten it up and make it that little bit more special. Again this is another dress you can either dress up or down, chuck on a pair of leggings or go with skin coloured tights and a pair of heels! 

Dress 5
I've seen a very similar dress to this in New Look but with this dress again being half price I think I may go for this one! I love the colour and the zig zag pattern, I'm also a lover of skater dresses so what can go wrong? I'd personally either put on black tights and a black cardigan or dress it up with a pair of wedges!

Dress 6
Such a cute little dress, i don't actually have any like this and really liked the style of this one, the little puffy sleeves and buttons down the front! Remind me of something I would wear to a tea party, again it is a black dress with pink hearts on, so this dress would help me steer away from my plain black dresses!

What's your favourites?
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Gemma x

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Motel Rocks AW12 Collection

(Laura getting some mannequin action)

Motel is one of those brands that all the bloggers love and when seeing their AW12 collection you can really tell why! I found that this collection was based around a range of punchy prints, flattering silhouettes and amazing textures! There is a 6 different styles; Fierce, Luxe Lace, Winter Garden, Gothic Glamour, Eye Popping Prints and Shimmer and Shine. My favourite would either be Shimmer and Shine or Fierce.

Fierce has a lot of purple/violet items which is actually meant to be the colour for this winter! Luxe Lace is all based on statement embellishments and seductive lace overlays that add sophistication and striking style to your wardrobe. Winter Garden is based around fresh floral prints that are given an edgy style, its all about striking prints on dark backgrounds. Gothic Glamour has a lot of black, leather, sheer mesh and lace to add to your perfect wardrobe. Eye Popping Prints is mastered by Motel and with this collection it focuses on optical illusions and retro patterns. Shimmer and Shine is full of metallic and multicoloured sequin must-haves! The gold and blue sequin dress in the photographs above is amazing, if you swipe it one way it’s gold, the other and its blue! You’ll never have to worry about turning up in the same dress as somebody else!

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Gemma x